Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So this week we had two baptisms! It was awesome because it was a father and a son :) and the dad is going to baptize the other son this Saturday, woohoo! It was such a great experience, and the ward was great! There were a boatload of people! I couldn`t even see the baptizm because all the little kids were pushing up towards the front! haha! It was wonderful though. Tomas is the dad and Edgar is the 18 year old boy. There are such an amazing family that is ready to make life changing decisions. Edgar was never one to say much, but afterwards he shared his testimony of how he knew that he had just taken a life changing step in his life and that he felt really good about it. I can`t wait to see him and Helen (she`s his wife--theyre a really young couple) get sealed in the temple! Helen will be getting baptized in two weeks :)

Yesterday we were making soup and my companion really wanted eggs but we didnt have any so we thought we should ask the neighbors...but we didnt know if we should because what if that wasn`t a thing in Mexico? So she sent me over and I was like ¨Hi...my friend and I are making food and we realized we don`t have any eggs...could we borrow two? and they awkwardly gave me a carton with two eggs in it through the window haha! They didn`t even open the door!

I also bought a mini Mexican sombrero today, I love Mexico, haha! The house situation is interesting because there is a bunch of water damage under the floors and in the bathroom but I guess it`s whatever lol the owner of the house knows about it, it just smells like a lake whenever we`re at home.

I hope everyone is doing awesome back at home and that everyone`s pumped about going back to school!

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