Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hey everyone,

This week was great, we`ve really been able to help 2 investigators and we`re still working with them, but they`re progressing little by little. One of the boys is Daniel and he just wants to know what his purpose in life is. We talked a little with him about the need that everyone had to come here to earth and get a body and we also talked to him about free agency and at the end of the lesson we all kneeled down and he offered a beautiful pray ...he literally started out ¨ you exist?¨Whew...the tears started flowing, it was such a beautiful moment and we`re really trying to help his recognize the Spirit in his life and that he really does have a purpose of being just isnt about living and then actually have a grand purpose. Isn`t that just so exciting?

We`re also working with a boy named Carlos...his family has been Catolic forever and they don`t go to church but it`s a family custom. His family really doesn`t support him either. And when he went to pray about everything we`ve taught him he told us that he can`t feel anything other than he`s catholic and nothing is going to change it. We`re trying to help everyone of our investigators to be able to recognize the Spirit in their lives because we aren`t even the teachers, it`s the Spirit that does everything.

I love being a member of this church because other churchs will just tell you to believe because we should all have faith...and something that I`ve been able to notice is that in this church there is a big focus on praying and asking God for yourself. We always tell our investigators that they have to ask God for themselves and not just believe us because we`re missionaries telling them that they should believe.

I really do like being a missionary.

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