Monday, February 9, 2015

Okay so first of all last Saturday our Ward did a talent show and all of the missionaries did 2 skits. It was hilarious because I was assigned to be the old lady and also a director a a movie and if I coud upload these videos I would, but I´ll have to show them to you guys afterwards. My companion and I also share the Ward with the zone leaders and right now there are 3 of them because one of them is going back home next Monday! The next change my companion is leaving and in 2 changes I´ll be the one leaving, how scary?

But it was a HUGE success...the kids from the Primary danced too and it was so cute. These little Mexican kids sure know how to move their hips! The little 4 and 5 year olds were dancing super good too! and the Young men and Young women group did a hip hop dance by was also SUPER good....gosh, all I did was wobble around with a head shawl and a cane, but the whole activity was a success.

We´ve also been finding new families! I love finding families to teach because it´s much easier to teach someone if they have support from them families. It would be harder for anyone, but we´re still working really hard! The Relief Society sisters are amazing and they are always willing to come visit people with us! I only went out with the missionaries once before coming here to Mexico, but now I´m going to be such a better member of the church when I get back....

On another note....I´ve never drank so much Coke in my life. Seriously, before the mission I didn´t even drink that much soda, and now I´m drinking Coke on a daily basis and tortillas with just about every meal. The transition to food from the states should really be an interesting one.

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