Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy belated Valentine´s day everybody, I hope you all had a great day!!

Guess what? This week we saw SO MANY MIRACLES. I don´t even know where to begin. One of our investigators, Carlos has really been stuggling and after his 4th assistance to church we had a charla franca with him because he had been doing a lot of internet research and wasn´t trusting in the Spirit or the scriptures and we actually asked him if he wanted to keep meeting with us and he said no. We were sad, but we knew that we couldn´t get unfocused because we have to help the people that are ready and prepared by the Lord...and we knew there were more...BUT...the next day we saw Carlos and he had a bandage on his arm and we asked him what was wrong and he told us that as soon as he had left the chapel (because we always have our lessons in the stake center) he started to feel sick , but really sick, (his family actually took him to the hospital) (okay some background information--Carlos takes extremely good care of himself physically --he´s always in the gym and eating healthy foods--he doesn´t even like going out in the sun because he says it´s for that reason why we have so much acne...HAHA!

Anyways...he also told us that he went to his Catolic church that same night and he suddenly didn´t feel he wasn´t a part of that church anymore (this is the same investigator that told us that at his church everyone says hi to him, unlike in this ward) was such an odd but powerful this moment we automatically reminded him of the baptismal service that we were going to have on the 28th and we told him we´d see him in church the next day. That evening we sent him a text message reminding him about the baptismal service that the elders in our ward were going to have and he came!! Afterward we talked to him and told him our purpose as missionaries and we asked him if he wanted to keep learning and progress towards his own baptizm on the 28th. He said yes!! (This is the same investigator who had told us that we had been tricked into believe that this church is real and that it was shame that we were here wasting our time because we had been lied to all our lives.)

We´ve really had to battle with this investigator, but he´s getting use to the members in the ward and there are some great jovenes that are really trying to help him out ( we´ve got some great returned missionaries in our ward and we just tell them..¨please be his friend¨ and they totally get it. Gosh, I´m going to be the best friend of all the investigators in my home ward when I get back!

Our other miracle is Emmanuel. He´s been to church 4 times, but has never accepted a baptismal date...but he has great friends in the ward and he was actually a reference from one of the young men in the ward who is preparing to go on a mission and this same member is bring Emmanuel to seminary every morning before school. We had a little charla franca with him too...not too franca because we weren´t going to stop teaching him, we just wanted him to know that he was ready to accept this ordinance of baptism ...and during the lesson we actually told him...¨´re ready and you know you´re ready.¨ He then said ¨´re right¨and he smiled and it was such a beautiful experience. I hardly remember what I said during the usually happens that way, I love how the spirit works. It´s beautiful.

The Lord lets us serve Him for this short time and He puts us in the place where He needs us with the people that need us and in the place where there are people waiting just for us! Missionary work is SO exciting! I really know that the Lord needs me Iguala! It´s so exciting and it´s pretty hard to put into words... Carlos and Emmanuel are going to be baptized on the 28th and I can´t wait to see them dressed in white.

The Lord really has a personalized answer for everyone of His children.

On Saturday we also had the opportunity to do a mission activity with the young men and young women from the stake and it was great. The young members of the church are great and I love their energy and excitement for missionary work!

These pictures are of :a part of my zone right now, the group of girls that we went out with on Saturday....and a picture that I don´t really like because I don´t really like stuffed animals, but my companion took this picture of me and I´m basically getting toasty brown. Haha! Have a great week everybody!

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