Sunday, February 8, 2015

This week was a little more difficult and easier than last´s sort of hard to explain because on one hand we´ve got to take care and visit all of these people, but on the otherhand we can really see who is progressing and who really is looking for something new in their life. But I´d much rather have too many people than not enough people, because that´s happened before, and it´s not fun either.

Basically we have 6 people that are progressing...we have Agripina who is this 83 year old lady who is still going, just like she was 40. She has a great memory and she walks just fine! So we´ve been working a lot with her and the best thing is that she has a friend in the ward who sometimes goes by for her. We´ll have to see how her progress goes, she´s a lovely lady though,....she sews little tortilla napkins and makes hand. WOW. Hey, if I¨m that good at 83 I definitely won´t have any complaints.

We´re also working with Aracelia, Jose and´s a young mother with 2 young boys. They went to church yesterday for the first time and they all are looking for a church so hey...we´ll see how they progress, but it´s looking good because they´re actually reading and doing their research about the Book of Mormon and everything, which is really awesome.

We also are working with this 18 year old, Carlos who is really kind and sweet...he says yes to everything and he totally goes to church by himself! It´s sort of hard to meet with him because he´s studying, but we´re trying to find all the options to see him whenever he´s got a sec.

We´re also teaching this middle aged man, Cipriano who was in an Israelite religion for 10 years and his parents were Catholic -like everyone´s parent´s here-- and he has also investigated the Jehovah´s Witness´s so he basically has a bunch of questions and we´re doing our best with him but he still doesn´t want to pray in the name of Christ, it´s an interesting situation, but we´re still working with him.

Really the thing that we´ve noticed is that the ward involvement is key. If the ward members aren´t involved in the fellowshiping of these investigators it makes everything a little bit harder when the missionaries get changed out.

Our leaders are taking a lot of care of us right now here in Igual, Guerrero. We have to be inside with the door locked at 7pm, but we have permission to be out until 8pm if we have a member who has a car. So we´re trying to work with what we got. My companion is still AMAZING. We get along great and we haven´t had any problems...She´s my 3 Columbian Companion...and there are only Columbian Sister´s in the´s definitely been awesome. The Spanish that I have learned here in Mexico is definitely different than a lot of other countries because they have their own slang. But I love it! So it´ll be a Mexico Spanish with a Columbian twist and a Peruvian influence. We´ll have to see how that goes, hahah! I love you all!

Oh this morning we went to this Sister´s house in the ward and she sells Herbalife and I didn´t even know what that was when I came here and she says that it started in the states...that just goes to show how involved I was at home! haha! She gave us each a shake and it wasn´t actually too bad.

When I get back I´m totally going dancing with my friends back out at BYU ...the music here sometimes is really awesome. Okay, see ya everybody!

Oh, we also had splits with the Sister Training Leaders and it went great! Sister Young and Sister Sturt are really awesome and it was probably one of the best days that I´ve ever had with the Sister Training Leaders!

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