Monday, March 2, 2015

First off, my sister got her license everybody! WOOHOO!!! That`s awesome. She`ll totally be driving me everywhere because my license has long expired...I`ll have to renew that 10 weeks...WHAT? I can`t believe it! My companion is going home in 4 weeks and it`s definitely crazy and a little bit unbelievable but I think she`s ready lol she`s already packed.

Anyways...WE HAD A BAPTIZM! woohoo!! His name is Emmanual and he`s AWESOME. He`s 17 and definitely one of the kindest most sincere people I`ve ever met. His friend Aaron baptized him and it`s cool because Emmanuel is one of Aaron`s classmates and so one day he was just taking about the church and well know he`s a member! And he has a calling too! Emmanuel is now the secretary of the Priests! :) It was pretty funny because the confirmation always is on Sunday and he wasn`t there on time! There was another lady who the elders taught that went up to get confirmed and I was a little bit scared, sitting in the back waiting and praying for Emmanuel to show up, but right when I thought he wasn`t going to come in time, bam! He shows up right on time and he just walks straight up to the stand. lol Way to show up a la mera hora! geesh! haha! Kids these days.

Carlos did not get baptized and it was pretty sad because we worked all week with him. But he still doesn`t feel that Joseph Smith was a prophet even though we did everything that we could have possibly thought of. I didn`t see him at church yesterday either so I think he might need a break, but we hope to see him soon again.

On Sunday before church we were walking down a street and some little girls start calling up over to talk to there mom...and we`ve been to visit the family before, but they never wanted to go to church, but the brother of the mom (the girl`s uncle) had died and it was an open casket and they asked us to sing because they had a lot of family over...we sang ¨God be with you `til we meet again¨ and it was sad because this family really didn`t believe that they would ever see their brother again...but we shared a little bit about the plan of salvation and I really hope that the family goes to church this next week.

Yesterday during the 3rd hour (relief society) I actually really had a good time! It was probably the first time that I really was super interesting and learned a lot. We talked about the importance of having family home evening and some fun activities that we can do. I can`t wait to have family home evening at home with my own family.

On Sunday Elder Clayton is coming to visit us in our stake center and next monday I`ll be at a mission conference so I won`t have time to write but I think I`ll be allowed to write on Tuesday so I hope everyone has a great week!!

Oh...and this picture with the coke is sort of sad...but I thought it was funny! One of the guys at church just have it to us! 3 liters of coke! haha! it was awesome. It`s still in the fridge and I´m not quite sure how long it`ll be there for lol probably for the month of March lol gottagetthatcoke.

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