Monday, March 16, 2015

Wow...ok SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. First off....Elder Clayton and Elder Piper came to Mexico to have a special conference with us. They were accompanied by their wives and also Elder Miron was here (area president) and it was awesome. I´ve never felt that spirit so strongly and it was such a special experience. Afterwards we went to eat tacos al pastor...and that was delicious. I love the food here in Mexico, it seriously is a big perk of being here in Mexico. Although I will admit that I´ve probably gotten a little rounder than I was when I first came here lol But it has totally been worth it.

My companion, Hermana Silva will be going home in 2 weeks and she has been ready to go for like a month lol It´s been a little distracting considering that I´ll be leaving right after her in 8 weeks but that´s okay, I´m trying my best to stay focused and on track here in the mission. I wonder who my new companion will be! It´s sort of weird thinking that after the mission is over I´ll be back in the real world again and I´ll have to work and go to school...and later eventually have a family of my own. Wow. All of this is becoming a little bit more real as the weeks pass by. But in the mean time, my companion and I have been trying to go on as many splits as possible with the Sisters in our Ward because we´ve got to get the most out of this time that we´re here together and we both know the area.

We should be having a baptizm here in 2 weeks. Her name is Reina and hopefully her son, Luis and her daughter Delia will be taking this grand step of being baptized together on the 28th. Please pray for them! They´re amazing. They´ve known the church forever and the crazy thing is that they got so used to the ward (without being in the limits of the ward) that they actually moved into the ward boundaries to be a part of the ward where all their friends are!) Isn´t that crazy? We told them oringinally that they could come, that they could even be baptized, but it´s better to be baptized in their own ward (according to the ward limits) so that they´ll be able to have a calling and progress spiritually. It´s been a rollercoaster, but I really hope that they´ll be able to take this important step, everyone together. They´re amazing and they all have a lot of faith. I love them all.

The weather here has been sort of weird, but I´m okay with it because I love the rain and it´s been raining here. In April and May is when Iguala really gets hot, so we´ll just have to see. I´m pretty sure I´ll be coming back brown.

Oh! Okay so this is pretty funny...but we have a less active olderly couple in our ward and the man is sort of deaf so whenever we talk to him we have to yell and it´s sort of funny because he also has a parrot....and whenever we try to speak loudly the parrot starts to yell too and it´s usually crazy whenever we go over there, but they´re a great couple.

The members here in Iguala are awesome too, one of my favorites is Estella...she´s 55ish and we probably go over to eat at her house 2 times a week. She took us out today to see the biggest flag in the world! And it´s here in Iguala! The Mexican flag was also made here in Iguala! isnt that crazy? A small like town and it has the world´s biggest flag!

I love you all and I can´t wait to see all of your smiling faces! :)

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