Monday, April 6, 2015

Okay so just to start off with some quotes that I KNOW were turned into some type of Facebook meme during General Conference.

¨Stay by the tree!¨
¨A Saint is a sinner who keeps on trying¨
¨I can teach you to dance, but you have to hear the music¨
"Marriage is more than your love for each other¨

I´d just like to say that I LOVED GENERAL CONFERENCE. My favorite talks were definitely, Henry B Eyring (fasting), Wilford W. Anderson ( I can teach you to dance, but you have to hear the music), Dale G. Renlund ( Latter-Day Sinners, Quiters and Hipocrites), jMichael T. Ringwood ( totally made me think of my dad) and of course Jeffery R Holland.

I´d definitely sum of the conference by saying that they talked about --marriage, building stronger families, the atonement, and helping people that have fallen away. It was great and all the questions that I had were definitely answered and in more than one talk, so that definitely made me happy.

Oh! I also made my famous mickey mouse shaped pancakes on conference morning and they were delicious.

This week other than conference has been a little difficult if I´m being honest. It was been hot and we´ve gotten lost A LOT. But it´s been rewarding despite everything. We are going to go to the house of a family on Wednesay that is made up of a grandma and 3 grandkids. One of the kids and his grandma are ready to be baptized, hopefully we´ll be able to help them with that this Saturday or next Saturday. We´ve just met them but the boy said that he´s been going to church since last year, so hopefully we´ll be able to see them and work everything out according to their needs.

The ward members here are AMAZING. The majority of the members have cars too and that´s awesome because they´ve been able to show us what routes to take on the ´combi´s ´ (mini unsafe buses) and also they´ve been able to show us where the investigators of the older missionaries live.

Today my new companion, Hermana Cortez and I went to Taxco with Hermana Young and Hermana Sturt. They´re the Sister Training Leaders and they´re AWESOME. We all get along pretty well and we were able to go into this huge golden Catholic church here that is made of gold on the inside....isn´t that pretty cool?

Stake Conference is coming up on the 18th and 19 and I´m actually going to be everybody pray for me please! haha! About the joys of being a missionary. It should be pretty awesome, I´ll let you guys all know what it happens.

5 more weeks, crazy isn´t it?

Love you all!!

Oh and this kid in the picture is crazy. He´s the Relief Society´s kid and he took off my name tag and licked it clean...he´s hilarious and showed me all his super heros. He´s super cute and has A LOT....of energy...but a lot. Haha!

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