Monday, May 11, 2015

Hey everybody, this week has been hilarious and super hot....but I have some friends serving missions in Brazil and in Arizona so I can´t really complain haha.

Yesterday was stake conference and I totally had to give a talk and share my testimony about the joy of missionary work. I´m not going to lie, but when I saw how many people were there I actually got a little scared and took my notebook out and started adding more things to my talk lol ...seriously I had written down some basic points that I wanted to talk about but when I got up there I just bore my testimony and shared a few stories and apparently it was good, but I don´t even remember what I really said, haha. But apparently it was alright so I didn´t really worry too much about it.

Afterward we went to this lesson with a less active family and at the end of the lesson the little boy (he was probably 1 and a half years old) (( and he was walking around in just a pair of underwear)) pulled down his underwear and went pee on his grandfathers sandel. It was the highlight moment of my week. We were all just laughing! And the little kid didn´t even look sorry, apparently it´s not the first time that he´s done it though haha!

Oh! Ok so this was a little ridiculous (but the lady was obviously in a bad mood...but it was still ridiculous) so we´re doing divisions and my companion and I are dying for thirst, so we go into a small little homeowned store on the side of the road and we ask for 2 bottles of water.....each bottle costed 8 pesos and we put our money together and we only had 15.7 pesos...we also had a bigger bill, but the lady didn´t have any change so we had no other choice but to use the coins that we had....and the lady told us ¨each bottle is 8 pesos¨ and we were literally dying of heat...we actually did the math and that .3 pesos that we needed were like 2.06 that was fun: we went to another store.

Oh! okay here´s another my companion and I were teaching a lesson on repentence and we wanted to do this demonstration with clorox, water and fruit juice...but we didn´t have any fruit juice, (we had completely forgotten about it!) so we ask them(the two kids we were teaching) if they had any and they said we asked them in they had any coke (because basically every house in Mexico has a bottle of coca cola) so we did the activity with the hope that the clorox would make the coke clear).....the good thing was that we were sitting next to the window so that when we did the activity we just lifted up the glass into the light that was coming in through the window behind us.....the activity sort of worked...not really, but it was pretty funny and that kids loved it! haha!

I love you all and I hope you´re having a great week!

Happy birthday mom! love ya!

I´ve been learning how to cook this week! These enchiladas that we made totally turned out good...I will definitely miss Mexican food. It´s THE BEST.

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